Moving banking forward

Empowering the next generation of finance to build better, faster. Our modular banking platform enables startups to propel their ambitions and create innovative financial solutions, whatever their needs.

We’re SpotBanc, the bespoke financial engine

We’re building the financial ecosystem behind products that people use around the world, every day. Our mission is to bring big banking power to small scale startups and to turn their vision into reality.

Collaboration is our competitive advantage with our plug and play ecosystem, bringing together market-leading partners to help power your business.

Why choose SpotBanc?

Launch in days, not years

Access tools to create your ideal product with extensive unique features and go live in 21 days.

Reduce cost

Bring your solution to market fast for less than the cost it takes to build in-house from scratch.

Easily customizable

Simply select, mix and match banking components and solutions to create or start offering unique financial services.

Extensive collaborations

Collaborate with, plug and play our banking, compliance and payout partners, or onboard yours.

Reliable Support

Our systems are up 99% of the time, and our support teams worldwide are active 24/7.

Continuous Innovation

We’re proud of what we’ve built, but SpotBanc is just getting started. As our platform improves, so does yours..

Best-in-class Modular Banking platform

Even though banking today is sophisticated, the demand for convenient digital banking continues to grow and give rise to a whole new spawn of firms transforming how banking works.

SpotBanc poises as the engine powering the NextGen of financial service providers. We are creating an ever-improving ecosystem to help existing financial trailblazer evolve and new ones to thrive.

Potential of digital banking

Our vision is to lower the entry barrier for small firms lunching into financial services. That’s why we built SpotBanc – perfect for startups ready to accelerate their roadmap and legacy firms streamlining financial offerings through technology.

SpotBanc is part of the FinCode family, experts in cutting-edge payments and banking technology. Our financial engine is built with market-leading technology partners like Amazon Quantum Ledger and ComplyAdvantage.


Our plug and play Partners