Build and launch your e-money ecosystem, in 21 days

SpotBanc Bank-in-a-Box™ lets you design and launch a full-scale electronic money ecosystem or online bank that allows your customers to store, send and receive money globally with ease.

Bring your EMI license or leverage one of our banking partners through Banking-as-a-Service.

Easily Onboard Customers

Instantly onboard individuals and corporate bodies using either our white-label UI or yours built through our API endpoints. Omnichannel approach makes it easy for your customers to start and finish onboarding across multiple channels.

  • Clean onboarding user interfaces
  • Advanced KYC/KYB Levels
  • Photo & video verifications
  • Document scan and review
  • Integrate with third-party KYC services

Issue and reconcile accounts with ease

Issue bank accounts and internal accounts to customers. Our accounts reconciliation engine enables automatic debiting and crediting of created accounts with host banks to tally with balances on your system. For manual reconciliations, upload bank statements and SpotBanc would correctly match accounts using payment references.

  • Issue open-loops
  • Automatic and manual reconciliations

Instant & Cross-border Payments

Lets your customers send & receive money instantly, and make cross-border payments via card, QR codes, wire transfers, and even cryptocurrencies. Reduce cross-border payments risks relying on our compliance technologies and expertise.

  • Issue cards
  • Bill payments
  • eCommerce
  • Peer-to-Peer
  • Purchases

User Account and Wallet

Issue virtual accounts with complete and personalized wallets to users. Multi-currency account feature let users create multiple accounts and hold funds in multiple currencies. Transfers between accounts are fast and easy.

  • Issue account number, IBANs, sort codes, SWIFT/BIC
  • Tailor wallet to user's needs
  • Multi-currency account feature

Build a Real-time Currency Exchange

Build quick currency conversation and exchange features into your product—whether it's fiat to fiat, cryptocurrency to cryptocurrency, fiat to cryptocurrency and vice versa. Set up commission charges to offer customers the best rates.

  • Real-time currencies conversation
  • Quick exchange
  • Charge competitive commissions

Scheduled and Recurring Payments

Offer customers the flexibility to schedule payments for later executions and automate all types of recurring payments—payroll, commissions, bills, and more—at the click of a button. Easily adjust scheduled payments before due dates.

  • Schedules payments
  • Automate recurring payments
  • Bills, payroll, bonuses, commissions and more

Explore Other Features

Extensive banking relationships with licence coverage
Whether you have an EMI/Banking license or looking to leverage that of a banking partner, SpotBanc accommodates your business.

Access to vast compliance expertise and technologies
Do business seamlessly by leveraging our country-specific compliance expertise and advanced KYC/eKYC, AML/CFT technologies.

Security at all levels
Keep clients' money and transactions secure with our A-grade tech and multi-level security protocols. Easily adjust protocols to fit customers' needs.

Extendible, plug and play components
Whatever banking services or functionality you want to build into your product, you can do so easily using our modern and reliable APIs.

Don’t take our word for it. See how SpotBanc helped Kogopay redesign e-money and online banking for customers.

Startup electronic money institutions and online banks face technological and business workflow challenges even if they've acquired an EMI/banking license.
SpotBanc fills this need with our Bank-in-a-Box approach, helping startups launch highly-compliant e-money and online banking ecosystems faster.
Read how SpotBanc worked with Kogopay to build a socially conscious startup that provides virtual IBANs accounts and mobile wallets to customers.

Discover financial services you could offer customers by simply mixing and matching API-driven banking components.

Easily pick and switch Banking-as-a-Service providers at any time as you build the product your customers love.

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