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SpotBanc Bank-in-a-Box lets you design and launches a full-scale electronic money ecosystem or online bank that allows your customers to store, send and receive money globally with ease.

Bring your EMI license or leverage one of our banking partners through Banking-as-a-Service

Easily Onboard Customers

Instantly onboard individuals and corporate bodies using either our white-label UI or yours built through our API endpoints. Omnichannel approach makes it easy for your customers to start and finish onboarding across multiple channels.

  • Clean onboarding user interfaces
  • Advanced KYC/KYB Levels
  • Photo & video verifications
  • Document scan and review
  • Integrate with third-party KYC services

Instant & Cross-border Payments

Lets your customers send & receive money instantly, and make cross-border payments via card, QR codes, wire transfers, and even cryptocurrencies. Reduce cross-border payments risks relying on our compliance technologies and expertise.

  • Issue cards
  • Bill payments
  • eCommerce
  • Peer-to-Peer
  • Purchases

Real-time Currency Exchange

Build quick currency conversation and exchange features into your product—whether it's fiat to fiat, cryptocurrency to cryptocurrency, fiat to cryptocurrency and vice versa. Set up commission charges to offer customers the best rates.

  • Real-time currencies conversation
  • Quick exchange
  • Charge competitive commissions

User Account and Wallet

Issue virtual accounts with complete and personalized wallets to users. Multi-currency account feature let users create multiple accounts and hold funds in multiple currencies. Transfers between accounts are fast and easy.

  • Issue account number, IBANs, sort codes, SWIFT/BIC
  • Tailor wallet to user's needs
  • Multi-currency account feature

Scheduled and Recurring Payments

Offer customers the flexibility to schedule payments for later executions and automate all types of recurring payments—payroll, commissions, bills, and more—at the click of a button. Easily adjust scheduled payments before due dates.

  • Schedules payments
  • Automate recurring payments
  • Bills, payroll, bonuses, commissions and more

Manage your business

A complete toolset specifically developed for optimizing EMI business operation

Easy Onboarding

An omnichannel approach to client onboarding with integrated customer screening and data synchronization. Clean KYC/KYB levels interfaces on both mobile and web applications. The onboarding process is segregated between individuals and corporate bodies to ease client profiling.

  • Integration with third-party KYC services.
  • Self-onboarding.
  • KYC/KYB Levels.
  • Documents and photos review.
  • Omnichannel system for easier onboarding.

Accounting, reporting, and analytics

A complete financial engine for monitoring real-time transactions, instant account settlement and reconciliation, auditing, interest rates, and financial statements. Get valuable analytical insights into business and marketing data such as clients’ profiles, conversion rate, company turnover, and more with our in-built analytics tool.

  • Transaction reports (detailed and summary).
  • Turnover reports.
  • Account reconciliation.
  • Account statements per client.
  • Financial statements for audits and tax authorities.
  • Marketing metrics (detailed and summary).

Portfolio analysis

Spotbanc is enriched with powerful insights and a simple display of meaningful information per client. The platform is an integrated modular solution that helps you manage effectively, the complexity of your premium clients’ funds and transactions, both locally and internationally.

  • Advanced client profiling feature.
  • Tool for cash flow forecasting and asset monitoring.

System Security

Prevent unauthorized access to tools and databases using top-notch security technologies. On the admin end, you can flexibly distribute access rights to managers and employees to restrict out-of-scope access to information. The system checks logins from unknown IP addresses and monitors server logs data.

  • Secured hosting
  • IP whitelisting
  • Access alert
  • Transaction alerts
  • Fraud detection analyser


Smart risk-management tool for ensuring your business remains compliant. Monitoring clients' financial operations to prevent fraud, money laundering, illicit trading, tax evasion, terrorism financing, and any activity that might damage your business. Easily set up country-specific compliance rules.

  • Setup Transaction AML rules and auto eKYC checks
  • Setup Workflow (Both compliance pass/failure)
  • Fraud detection & Analyser (Identity theft, Structuring, Duplication document check)
  • Global and country-specific KYC/AML rules
  • Suspicious Transaction reporting
  • Global sanction screening
  • Watch List Support (Blacklist/Whitelist)
  • View customer KYC and AML reports

Setup Fees and Charges

Easily set up fees (fixed or percentage-based), taxes, commissions and other banking specifics settings. Charges can be set based on characteristics such as location, transaction volume, amount, and more.

  • Fixed or percentile fees.
  • Flexible pricing structure.
  • Set risk-levels.


Our system supports multiple administrator accounts, with different functions and authorization levels. Assign roles and duties to managers and employees with different access levels ensuring maker-checker. Manage assigned roles and access and review managers’ performance.

Customers can be categorized into different profile groups, allowing multiple schedules for different client types.

  • 5 authorization levels.
  • Maker-checker principle.
  • Review the overall performance of administrative staff.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

A unique administrative tool to manage clients better. View top performing clients’ reports, provide support for microloans, and set-up fees per client.

  • Top-performing reports
  • Customers Wallet Management
  • View customer transaction history
  • Request information from customer via Email & SMS notification
  • Address Verification Support
  • Add Beneficiary/Sender to a watch list (black/white list/watch list)
  • View customer-uploaded document
  • Electronic and Manual ID verification

Interest rate management

The platform enables you to set up earnable interest rates and commissions for clients depending on the amount clients hold in their accounts. Great for encouraging clients to increase deposits or balance holdings with your platform, or for rewarding outstandingly performing clients.


Spotbanc gives you the flexibility to customize your application, applying your preferred brand colour, logo, font type and size, and background image. Complete freedom to achieve your branded look in no time. Easily modify or change your product branding at any time.

  • Background image upload
  • Colour settings
  • Font Settings
  • Logo Upload
  • Custom Login Page

Comprehensive Support System

Enjoy 24/7 customer support from our team of experts spread across different countries. We are always available to attend to your requests at all times of the day, irrespective of your location. Get unrestricted access to explainer videos and blog posts on platform functionalities and industry insights from our content team.

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