About the Platform

What is Spotbanc?
Spotbanc is a robust technological platform designed to enable businesses, EMIs, banks, and indeed all financial service providers to launch powerful financial products/services such as digital wallets, online banking services, e-money, and corporate banking services among others.
What does Spotbanc e-money and banking solution include?
Spotbanc solutions include but are not limited to Electronic Money solutions, Private Banking solutions, Corporate Banking solutions, Loan Management system, Treasury Management systems and Specialized banking solution that caters for the provision of all manner of highly specialized banking services.
Will movement of data/operations from other software to Spotbanc lead to data loss?
No. This is a straightforward process that allows you to import data into the system through a complex API. Data will be mapped out throughout to ensure that the original data corresponds with its new data fields, and this will be entirely taken care of by our expert software engineers.
How long will it Spotbanc to be up and running?
Spotbanc is a ready-to-use Application, partners can be up and running within 10 Minutes.
Can Spotbanc be purchased outright?
No. Spotbanc is modelled as a Platform-as-a-service and so leased out to partners. You are at liberty to customize Spotbanc to your brand model and colours.
Can I export data from the Spotbanc?
Certainly! You can run reports and export information to common file formats including .pdf and Excel or any application that supports .csv files.
Does Spotbanc support multi-languages?
Yes, Spotbanc supports all languages. Feel free to switch and use the languages you prefer.
Is Spotbanc customizable?
Yes. Spotbanc is a white label solution that supports the personalization of application interfaces to your brand colour and logo.
Can Spotbanc be used on a mobile phone?
Yes. Spotbanc is accessible on smartphones and tablets of all screen sizes. It works perfectly on both Android and iOS.
How does the multi-currency account work, Spotbanc?
The set-up is done on the admin side by indicating the several currencies you want your customers to have access to. Then you can proceed to create accounts in the pre-set currencies.
Is Spotbanc compliant with financial regulations?
Yes. Spotbanc is enriched with powerful compliance features specific to each country. Transactions are checked for compliance in either a sending or receiving country. In addition to that, the system allows you to define your own compliance rules and how it should apply.
How secure is Spotbanc?
The platform is built with the latest technology and has passed several security tests, all personal information is end to end encrypted.

Service to your customers

Will my clients be able to self onboard?
Yes, your clients can self on-board by completing the KYC procedures and meeting the information requirements you set up.
Does Spotbanc offer offline ID verification?
No. For ID verification your customer will need a connection to the internet (Wi-Fi, mobile network).
What happens if my customers forget their password?
If your customer forgets his/her password, the system will allow him/her to generate a new password using the automated password reset facility.
How does Spotbanc get funded?
The Spotbanc account can be funded by bank transfer (from a different card/bank account or cash from a Bank branch) and currency exchange (between existing wallets in the app).
Can my customer send/receive money, pay bills online using their credit/debit card?
Those services are possible by connecting Spotbanc with a Money Transfer Application, a sister product that serves as a core banking platform. The system allows you/us to set up a payment gateway service via switch while utilizing APIs. Our system will process the payment in real-time.
How does a customer know if the transaction was processed successfully?
All transactions have their status that informs the customer of the state of the transaction.
Can I accept customers’ deposits and withdrawals from different banks that we have agreement with?
Yes, you can accept into customers’ accounts and allow withdrawal or transfer of funds from here, dealing with different banks your business partners with.
Does Spotbanc have the live chat & help desk function?
Yes. Inbuilt communication tools like Live Chat, SMS, Email notification template, Bulk SMS, and more serve as a help desk to enable you to attend to customers issues.
Can clients access the system through web and mobile?
Yes. Spotbanc is accessible via web and mobile applications.