SpotBanc puts the banking power in your customers’ hands. Using our simple, intuitive software they will be able to transact with you in an omnichannel world. You will enhance customer engagements, openness and agility for innovation-led growth, and digital operational excellence​.

Be it five end-users or five million, high net worth individuals or growing corporates, our ​solution will address your multi-system issues bringing all customer data into a single customer-facing interface



Online Banking

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Our system supports multiple administrator accounts, with different functions and authorisation levels. All relevant transaction fees can be configured in the admin settings, and applied automatically when transactions are executed.


Customers can be categorised in different profile groups, allowing multiple schedules for different client types (e.g. personal and corporate).

Rights and Roles

Access is guaranteed by a rights concept that enables you to define proactive alerts and controls based on your business requirements. Giving you peace of mind that notifications will automatically send, while you focus on managing your customer’s experience.


At every level, there is security at the customer or banking staff side to further protect accounts, limits and transactions.

  • Successful Payments

  • Alerts and notications

Portfolio Analysis

SpotBanc is enriched with powerful insights and simple display of meaningful information per client. It serves as a tool for the preparation of portfolio management activities and advisory meetings, Cash flow forecasting and asset monitoring.


Our software is an integrated and modular solution that empowers you to be proactive and efficient in managing the complexity of your premium customers’ funds and transactions both locally and internationally. This service includes an advanced customer profiling feature for wealth managers, it enables you to instantly monitor, document, analyse and eventually report your customer information as required, this is what banking on the spot means.


SpotBanc is multi-client capable, so that several clients can operate on the same server. Data management, user interfaces, rights and functional customising are client-specific and offer a configuration and presentation of the financial software that meets the requirements without requiring mutual insight into the data from various clients.


Clients can be assigned to a central office, which has general access to all clients.

Data Channel

SpotBanc provides related individual information for customers automatically, an omnichannel enabled online banking solution. This unified solution for small and large enterprise customers is differentiated by its comprehensive coverage and an advanced architecture.


With this, your customer information (on recommended or executed transactions, the existence of a new report, or the breach of a personally defined threshold) is displayed in a simple dashboard. Also, information on special market events (in sectors in which the customer is invested), transactions carried with banks, brokers or external bodies( both locally and internationally) are easily retrievable.

Multi-Currency Account

Customer expectations have significantly changed. To meet their new and growing demands, Spotbanc allows you provide your customers with a payment experience that fits their lifestyle.


Clients may transfer value between their own accounts and make payments to others either directly or indirectly, taking advantage of foreign exchange and cross border payments functionality.

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