Add loan offerings to your product. Manage loans with ease.

Build and automate loan management functionality into your product — from loan creation and debt recovery to loan accounting. Design and issue multiple loan products to your clients.

Manage Your Clients

Effectively manage your lending with smart digital tools geared towards securing your business and improving clients’ lending experience.

Originate Loans

Automate and manage your loan application and disbursal process. An automated verification system underwrites loan applications using clients’ data, makes credit decisions, and performs quality checks based on data. Disburse loan once client meets satisfactory status.

  • Automate client's data collection
  • Digital verification of client's information
  • Automated underwriting process
  • Automated credit decision process
  • Integrate third-party solutions to loan system

Service Loans

Automate all loan activities after funds are distributed to the borrower. This includes dealing with clients' information updates, calculating interest rates and fees, notifying borrowers of payments due, and automatically collecting payments.

  • Automated debt collection system
  • Reduce servicing costs
  • Track payments, account statements, and collaterals
  • Notify borrowers of payment due dates

Debt re-factoring

Manage the purchase, collection, or resell of debts collected. Easily buy delinquent or charged-off debt at a fraction of the debt's face value, track and manage debt collection or resell all or portions of the debt. Spotbanc flexibility allows you to perform a combination of these actions.

  • Debt purchase
  • Full access to debtors' data
  • Automated debt collection system
  • View debtors’ payment history
  • Track communication between your employees and debtors
  • Flexibility to retain or resell debt collected

Loan Accounting

Monitor disbursed loans, repayments and cashflows. Track real-time transactions, instant account settlement and reconciliation, auditing, interest rates, and financial statements. Get analytical insights into business and marketing data such as clients’ profiles, conversion rate, company turnover, and more with our in-built analytics tool. Get a full picture of how your business is doing through comprehensive reports.

  • Loans and repayments status
  • Comprehensive turnover reports
  • Transaction reports (detailed and summary).
  • Account reconciliations.
  • Financial statements for audits and tax authorities.
  • Marketing metrics (detailed and summary).

Loan Repayment Schedule

Enables your clients and employees to track and manage periods of loan repayment. Loan information is broken down into principal, interest, and other elements in the amortization schedule. Notify clients days ahead of a repayment due date with options to pay before due dates. Schedule interest rates for early and late payments.

  • Loan repayment notifications
  • Comprehensive breakdown of loan information

Explore Other Features

Extensive banking relationships with licence coverage
Whether you have an EMI/Banking license or looking to leverage that of a banking partner, SpotBanc accommodates your business.

Access to vast compliance expertise and technologies
Do business seamlessly by leveraging our country-specific compliance expertise and advanced KYC/eKYC, AML/CFT technologies.

Security at all levels
Keep clients' money and transactions secure with our A-grade tech and multi-level security protocols. Easily adjust protocols to fit customers' needs.

Extendible, plug and play components
Whatever banking services or functionality you want to build into your product, you can do so easily using our modern and reliable APIs.

How SpotBanc helped Kogopay redesign e-money and online banking for customers.

Startup electronic money institutions and online banks face technological and business workflow challenges even if they've acquired an EMI/banking license.

SpotBanc fills this need with our Bank-in-a-Box approach, helping startups launch highly-compliant e-money and online banking ecosystems faster.

Read how SpotBanc worked with Kogopay to build a socially conscious startup that provides virtual IBANs accounts and mobile wallets to customers.

Discover financial services you could offer customers by simply mixing and matching API-driven banking components.

Easily pick and switch Banking-as-a-Service providers at any time as you build the product your customers love.

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