The SpotBanc Platform

One infrastructure. Endless possibilities

Spotbanc runs on high-performance engines, build on a scalable architecture, powered by Next-Gen technologies, interconnected to larger financial ecosystems and based on the cloud.

Performance and Flexibility at the Core

Purposely designed to make anything happen


Available 24x7 on cloud to allow faster updates, Cost effective infrastructure, elastic scaling, real-time capabilities and streamlined workflow.

Agile Components

Designed to allow tailored-fit, combined or holistic delivery of solutions. The platform plugs into existing systems and lends itself to innovation..


Built to facilitate seamless customer and business interaction across multiple channels: mobile and web apps, third-party apps, in-branch, etc.

APIs & Extensibility

Feature-rich API to easily connect with your internal business processes or any third-party services and to build all types of functionalities.

Multilayer Security

Fitted with best-in-class security technologies at all levels and compliant with all legal and security-driven requirements worldwide.

High-performance Engines

High-resilient engines embedded with Next-Gen technologies to create unmatched end-to-end digital banking processes with endless possibilities.

Built for Efficiency, Innovation and Scalability

All the components that transforms your neobank

Scalable Architecture

Fully integrated platform using modern Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) principles to enable streamlined processes and orchestrate rapid growth.


Comprehensive system covering everything from back to front with solutions for every layer. From development to integration and support services.

SaaS Delivery Model

SaaS delivery enables you to access our platform without having to install and run applications on self infrastructures. A cost-effective approach.


APIs and extensibility are prioritized at any point of development to ensure the right tools for your products or business scalability are highly available.

Open Banking

Access to consented customers' data from thousands of financial institutions. Build services centered on a better understanding of target markets.

Interconnected Ecosystem

Open by design, SpotBanc is plugged into a larger digital bankingb ecosystem to enable integration of interrelated financial solutions outside pure banking.

Our Promise

SpotBanc is designed to modernise and transform your neobank step by step, from wherever you are starting you are with us to the envisioned destination.

We remain at the forefront of innovation, investing heavily in continuous research and development. We run so you can fly.
Build, manage, expand and launch digital banking experiences faster, seamlessly, and at the most cost-effective rates.

Stand out in the marketplace by offering bespoke product features, ingenious functionalities and unique designs. The possibilities are endless.

Optimize, interconnect and expand products or operations at any point leveraging a robust system that thrives on continuous innovation.

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