Spotbanc’s high performance modern overall architecture is specifically designed to import, process and refine data, providing the basis for genuine, innovative financial software in the digital banking business.


Efficient and effective software products are not just about business capabilities, they should be designed to interface easily with other systems. Moreoever, the interface to each business capability should be specified before writing any code.

This is what we call API-definition and we have always built our software with this in mind because We know that integration is one of the most complex and time consuming activities of any implementation project.

Spotbanc APIs are pre-packaged and extensible, meaning our clients are able to customise their APIs to their business requirements without coding. We provide the tooling and wizards to generate the APIs; you simply select which service you want to expose, which data, and then click a button and the tool generates the API.


Our APIs are available across a wide variety of banking segments from corporate, wealth management to treasury and personal fund administration to meet all of your banking requirements.



Created for developers by developers, Spotbanc Developers offers the support, information and expertise that you need to take your idea and make it a reality. You may be a large established bank looking to enhance existing products or to set up a new digital-only bank free of legacy system constraints.


Perhaps you are a small to medium-sized bank looking for out-of-the-box API functionality and access to spotbanc expertise to support your development questions. You may be a FinTech who has identified a niche customer need looking to see what you could create with the spotbanc platform. Whatever your circumstances, there are ideas, APIs and use cases waiting for you to explore.


Use Case


We believe that financial institutions need to draft a Strategy to move and align with the digital wave with focus on one or more of the key drivers: speed, reach, Internet of Things (IoT).


Businesses gather data on their clients’ behavior and often perform analysis to help identify marketing opportunities. Through our APIs, organizations can make the data and analytics more easily available to additional internal audiences and provide value from data that has already been collected.


Spotbanc makes it easy for partners to do business with you as a bank by displaying the comparison chart and dictating the actual value customers would derive. Does your banking software allow the customer to integrate with other third-party plugins to compare and make informed decisions?


Is your Banking form only compatible with Desktop? How about opening it on Tab? Spotbanc made sure that all the screen sizes and device compatibility is applicable for the application form to avoid any inconvenience to your customer.