Professionalism behind the Platform

We provide a range of top quality, professional services to ensure the smooth operation of your business.

Behind the #1 agile banking platform is a team of highly experienced consultants, engineers, relationship managers and banking experts.

Consulting Services

With years of experience under their belt, our consultants have amassed a deep understanding of banking challenges to assist banks, EMIs, and other financial enterprises leap past key business and technology hurdles.

We provide partners with valuable insights into banking business strategy, market reach and IT architecture, helping them establish perfectly balanced businesses ready for today's market and tomorrow's uncertainties.

Implementation Services

Our experts would work closely with you to ensure
Spotbanc's solutions are configured to your needs and smoothly deployed within the given timeframe.

Given our partner's need to get to market faster and our serious consideration of 'speed' during deployments, our engineers have mastered the art of rapidly setting up solutions without sacrificing high professional care every step of the way.

We employ a proven methodology with defined parameters that allow for timely implementation at the lowest cost to your budget.

Relationship Management

At the heart of our business, building relationships is what we truly do. Our team of highly professional client support and relationship managers is always on hand to attend to your need.

Our job doesn't end when you launch solutions with Spotbanc, in fact, it has just begun. We assign relationship managers per client to ensure our partners receive maximum support when they need it.

We adopted a global support model with managers spread across the world to attend to your needs on time, everytime, irrespective of your timezone.

Bespoke Training Services

Together with partners, we design tailored training programmes accessible to partners during implementation or after that, on-demand.

Our training sessions range from focus-classes explaining the Spotbanc banking platform to premium sessions and events where we provide you relevant market insights or unique industry knowledge. This way, we help you stay competitive and adaptive to market changes.

All trainings are conducted by qualified instructors to your staff or end-users.

Continuous Innovation

Been the #1 most agile banking platform, Spotbanc is entirely given to continuous innovation. We operate an open-system policy, leaning on continuous system improvements and advanced interconnectivity.

With rapid changes in technology and market trends, our team of researchers and engineers are always at the forefront, collecting market intelligence and analyzing valuable data.

These data directly influence our product design, service offerings, platform architecture and overall, how Spotbanc shapes up to fit the present and future needs of partners.

Talk to our Experts

Schedule a call and let our experts answer your questions regarding Spotbanc services. We put YOU first.