From design & development to fitting in new functionalities, SpotBanc is gloved with encryption and advanced security features that guarantees both client and business data protection.


SpotBanc banking app loads and works at superb speeds. By focusing on small-and-medium-sized enterprises, we deliver smartly tailored solutions that meets the exact needs of our clients.


Our solutions are deployed on cloud technology. Data is synchronized on cloud, allowing shared access at any time on multiple devices - web or mobile app.

Easy Integrations

Complete suite of powerful APIs to easily connect with your business with any third-party solutions such as card issuers and exchanges. Our APIs are concise and integrates seamlessly.


SpotBanc is configurable to make anything happen. We work with you to bring whatever functionalities you can imagine to live. Customize within minutes to reflect your brand.

On-going Support

We don’t just enable you launch bespoke financial products, we assign a team of experts to provide fast and efficient support at all times throughout the business life cycle.

Electronic Money Solution

The best all-in-one solution to design, launch and manage scalable e-money products within a high-performance environment.