Treasury Management System (TMS)

Automate the management of your business financials and empower your clients to do the same with Spotbanc’s world-class as-a-service Treasury Management System.

Automate Corporate Financial Management

Leverage a powerful Treasury Management System (TMS) to bring payments,
liquidity position, and risk activities into a single viewpoint.

Real-Time cash management

Spotbanc TMS gives clients real-time insight into their business cash-flow position. Track recorded day-to-day cash-flow details and generate periodic cash-flow reports. View accounts balances, details, and transaction histories. Information updated in real-time helps clients make informed decisions on the spot based on real-time data.

  • Real-time cash-flow update
  • Cash-flow reports

Cash-flow forecasting

SpotBanc enables cash-flow forecasting and asset monitoring through our powerful financial insights and displays of meaningful information. Transactional data is pulled from various internal and external sources. Vital for predicting estimated annual revenues against expenses and influencing management financial decisions.

  • Cash-flow forecasting
  • Asset monitoring

Payments and Payments Reconciliation

Centralize all payments to make transactions and payments accounting easier. Spotbanc gives you access to billers and service providers in more than 100 countries with further freedom to integrate with other suppliers or billers’ platforms.

An automatic account reconciliation tool built into Spotbanc enables reconciliations of payments and balances across accounts and for auditing. Our payment-reconciliation software flags discrepancies within accounts under reconciliation for investigations and analysis.

  • Payment access to billers in over 100 countries
  • ACH functionality
  • Account discrepancies reporting

Debt Management and Refactoring

Spotbanc is enriched with debt management capabilities for managing the tracking and collection of loans and viewing debtors' accounts. The system is equally equipped with debt refactoring functionalities to allow the purchase and resale of debts collected. Easily buy delinquent or charged-off debt at a fraction of the debt's face value, track and manage debt collection or resell all or portions of the debt. Spotbanc flexibility allows you to perform a combination of these actions.

  • Debt purchase
  • Full access to debtors' data
  • An automated debt collection system
  • View debtors’ payment history
  • Track communication between your employees and debtors
  • Flexibility to retain or resell debt collected

Comprehensive banking

A powerful bank account management tool, Spotbanc enables all digital banking features, from transaction processing to digital interactions. Clients can set up account authorizations and set limits for specific banking services. Omnichannel data synchronization allows clients easy access to banking via web or mobile applications.

  • Electronic bank statements
  • Opening and maintaining corporate accounts.
  • Currency exchanges are based on real-time rates.
  • International money transfers via money transfer systems, payment gateways, banks, and card payment companies.
  • Wire transfers in international payments systems including SEPA and SWIFT.
  • Setting mass payments into motions (e.g payrolls).
  • Managing deposits and accounts.
  • Creation and management of loans and loan refinancing.

Multiple Currencies and accounts

Spotbanc enables clients to create as many accounts and sub-accounts as they need and work with as many currencies per account as you support and make available.

Clients may transfer value between their accounts and make payments to others directly, taking advantage of foreign exchange and cross-border payments functionality. Auto-sweep account feature allows clients to automate transfers of balances in different accounts into one account at their preferred set time.

  • Supports over 150 currencies.
  • Multiple currencies avail users’ full FX advantages.
  • Sub-accounts are sorted for convenience.
  • Auto-sweep account feature.

Accounting, reporting, and analytics

A complete financial engine for monitoring real-time transactions, instant account settlement and reconciliations, auditing, interest rates, and financial statements. Get valuable analytical insights into business and marketing data such as clients’ profiles, conversion rate, company turnover, and more with our in-built analytics tool.

  • Transaction reports (detailed and summary).
  • Turnover reports.
  • Account reconciliations.
  • Account statements per client.
  • Financial statements for audits and tax authorities.
  • Marketing metrics (detailed and summary).


Smart risk-management tool for ensuring your business remains compliant. Monitoring clients' financial operations to prevent fraud, money laundering, illicit trading, tax evasion, terrorism financing, and any activity that might damage your business. Easily set up country-specific compliance rules.

  • Set-up Transaction AML rules and auto eKYC checks
  • Set-up Workflow (Both compliance pass/failure)
  • Fraud detection & Analyser (Identity theft, Structuring, Duplication document check)
  • Global and country-specific KYC/AML rules
  • Suspicious Transaction reporting
  • Global sanction screening
  • Watch List Support (Blacklist/Whitelist)
  • View customer KYC and AML reports

Other Platform Features

Empower your business with powerful functionalities designed for exceptional
specialized digital banking experience.

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