SpotBanc VAM Solution

SpotBanc VAM is our single, most advanced Virtual Account Management platform designed for neobanks to empower businesses to view and manage pooled virtual accounts, customer money, cash and liquidity positions, in-house banking and more.

Key Business Value Propositions

Designed to meet the essential need of private and public sector players.
Compatible with your existing back-office, accounting/ERP and treasury management systems.

Optimized account structures

Robust platform flexibility allows clients to create as many sub-ledger of virtual accounts as required all tied to a single real bank account. This reduces reliance on numerous real bank accounts and the associated maintenance costs.

Multi-entity hierarchical virtual account structures ensure efficient liquidity management, easy segregation of inflow or outflow of funds, easy account indemnification and accurate reconciliation.

Virtual cash and liquidity management

Building on an agile virtual account hierarchy, SpotBanc VAM allows you to deliver a full overview of payments and liquidity positions. With this functionality, your organisation can better manage available cash, forecast in-house cash flows and clients' cash positions and provide accurate cash and liquidity reports.

  • Automate money transfers
  • Compatible with accounting ERP, treasury or back-office systems
  • Supports POBO/COBO structures
  • Project cashflow and liquidity positions


Our platform integrates payment processes from virtual accounts to physical bank accounts so clients can make payments from virtual accounts with ease. SpotBanc VAM allows multiple payment options integrations for clients through API calls.

Payment records are accurately documented while reports are analytically represented to give businesses a better overview and control of their payments. Transaction records are easy to find using any identifier such as name, email, phone number, etc.

Receivables management

SpotBanc VAM solves payment collection challenges for you and your clients by automating the management and control of receipts. Money received into a single physical account is automatically allocated to pre-destined virtual accounts with corresponding remittance information updated on sub-ledgers.

Automated receivables streamline payment collection, improve visibility of payment data, makes for accurate reconciliations, cuts financial costs and enhances decision making.

Customer self-service

Your customers can rapidly open, close and administer virtual accounts themselves in a completely omnichannel world. Accounts created automatically builds under pre-designed hierarchies set up by the business.

Set up account opening, customer onboarding and account closure procedures to align with your business objectives.

  • Easy customer self-service set up procedures
  • Simplified and easy onboarding
  • Synchronized access and data channels

Client money management

SpotBanc VAM delivers real-time visibility and operational control of client funds including smooth transaction allocations, interest payouts, accounting, internal and external reconciliations, banking and reporting functionality. Our solution meets the client money protection requirements of financial regulators across the globe.

Interest rate management

The solution enables you to set up earnable interest rates and commissions for clients depending on the amount clients hold in their virtual accounts. Great for encouraging clients to increase deposits or balance holdings with your platform, or for rewarding outstandingly performing clients.

  • Set interest percentages and terms
  • Set duration of rates

Scalability and continuous improvement

SpotBanc VAM is highly scalable, giving room for the enhancement of functionalities, extension of platform features and custom additions tailored to your business.

We invest a significant amount of resources into continuous R&D to ensure our solution remains relevant in today's market, satisfies clients' needs and is future-proof.

Other Platform Features

It doesn’t stop here. Explore other features that make SpotBanc the #1 cloud banking platform.

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